Grass Sowing Auckland

Drilling Grass

At Birch Contractors, we have the grass sowing solution you need for your Auckland property. We specialise in providing specialist services to farmers and owners of rural properties. Those services include grass sowing.

Therefore, whatever your requirements, you can trust us to get the job done plus we’ll complete it to a high standard and keep the costs as low as possible.

Please contact us today to discuss your grass sowing needs.

Sowing Grass – What We Do

We have experience of a range of grass sowing techniques here at Birch Contractors. This includes drilling grass whether that is direct drilling or roller drilling.

This means we will customise the delivery of our grass sowing services according to your specific requirements.

We work on all sizes of project too, from multi-hectare areas to much smaller paddocks and fields.

Our teams have skills and experience sowing grass as well as extensive knowledge of the soiltypes and weather conditions that we have here in the Auckland area. So, you can trust the advice and information that you get from us.

You can contact us now to get a free, no-obligation quote for grass sowing in Auckland, including drilling grass. You can also continue reading below to find out more about some of the grass sowing methods we use.

Grass Sowing – Direct Drilling

Direct drilling is a method of sowing grass where no cultivation of the paddock is required before the sowing begins. Instead, we move to the immediate sowing of new grass seed on your land using high-quality drills.

As there is no requirement to cultivate the land, direct drilling keeps the costs of grass sowingdown by as much as 50% compared to other options.

When you then factor in our low pricing policy here at Birch Contractors, the savings you will benefit from are significant.

In addition, we have a range of machines and equipment available to us to ensure maximum efficiency as well as the proper sowing of seed. This includes drills with large hopper capacities to deliver optimal performance on larger jobs. We also have high-quality equipment for smaller projects.

Grass Sowing – Roller Drilling

Roller drilling is another method of sowing grass that is both suitable and cost-effective if you are in the Auckland area. It’s also a method that we offer at Birch Contractors.

It involves sowing grass at narrow spacings to achieve an even spread and depth of seed. The result this produces is a continuous covering of grass that has the appearance of carpet. This is a more attractive option than other methods where the grass can look like it has been sowedin rows.

Therefore, roller drilling is a fantastic grass sowing method to use if you want permanent grass. It is also ideal if you already have a lot of turf in your paddock.

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