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Land Clearing NZ

Whenever you need land clearing services in Auckland and you want a team you can trust, you should contact us at Birch Contractors. We offer a comprehensive range of land clearing services, we work to the highest standards, and we keep our prices competitive. Make us yourone-stop-shop of all your land clearing needs.

Our land clearing services are available anywhere in Auckland, NZ, plus we have extensive experience. That experience includes:

  • Farms and agricultural properties
  • Land development projects
  • Lands being readied for other uses
  • And more

On your project, we’ll customise our land clearing services according to your requirements toensure the work that we do brings your land to a standard that makes it ready to use. Please contact us today to get more information.

What We Do

When you get land clearing services from us at Birch Contracting, our team can remove any unwanted pest vegetation. Our objective will be to leave your land ready for other uses, including for cultivation.

Remember also that our land clearing services are environmentally friendly as well as being low cost and effective. In fact, our services are a much more environmentallyfriendly approach than using pesticides.The result is usually better too.

Complete Land Clearing Services in Auckland

Whatever state or condition your land is currently in, our teams will effectively clear it. This includes removing:

  • Light and heavy gorse
  • Trees
  • Tree stumps
  • Shrubs and bushes
  • Weeds
  • Any other unwanted vegetation
  • Uneven soi
  • Debris

Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

Each member of our team has extensive knowledge and experience of working on the land in the wider Auckland area. This means you can have confidence they will have experience of dealing with – and clearing – vegetation similar to the vegetation that is currently on your property.

We also work safely, plus we take great care to protect the natural environment.

In addition, our team uses high-quality and well-maintained equipment when completing landclearing projects. This ensures the best results as well as getting the job finished as efficientlyas possible. The latter helps us to keep our prices for land clearing as low as possible.

Getting the Job Done Properly

We still encounter people and businessesthatget any contractor to complete land clearing projects. Too often, this ends up with the project developing problems which we are then often brought in to rectify.

This is because land clearing is a specialist service that requires teams that have knowledge and experience of everything from the vegetation you will encounter to the makeup of the soil.

You will get the benefitof our knowledge and experience when you come to us at Birch Contractors.

You can also expect a fair and competitive price. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, and this is reflected in our pricing policy. Please contact us today to find out more.

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