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Paddock Topping

When livestock leaves your paddock, they leave behind weeds and grass that are long, tough, and look terrible. Our paddock topping services will clean up this long grass and will look after your paddock for the long-term.

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Metal Driveways

Driving vehicles and equipment over your driveway will, over time, compress the ground where the wheels travel. This causes tracks and can lead to further damage to your driveway. Our regrading and rolling services are the ideal solution.

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Subsoiling & Mole drains

If you have drainage problems on your land, we can help at Birch contracting. We offer expert subsoiling and mole drainage services that include breaking up the pan under topsoil to allow water to drain.

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Grass Sowing

Direct drilling is the ideal grass sowing method for most land and paddock areas in Auckland. Minimal cultivation of the soil is required, and it protects against erosion. It also produces excellent results and is cost effective.

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Land Clearing

Do you have land covered in either light or heavy gorse? Do you want to clear this gorse to make the land ready for use, or do you simply want to improve the appearance of your land? Our land clearing services at Birch Contracting can help.

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Rotary Hoeing

Rotary hoeing is the ideal method for making seedbeds on land in Auckland. It reduces soil crusting, results in minimal soil compaction, and improves the growth of crops. At Birch Contracting, we offer expert rotary hoeing services.

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